Kurt & Bamboo

By Kurt and his mom, Lorna

Bamboo doesn’t just pick up Kurt’s cane or dropped keys and gloves – he fills a space in Kurt’s heart. Bamboo has figured out that the real meaning of service is to share Kurt’s activities and intentions 24 hours a day.

This he does, gladly and generously. One of his rewards is a twice-weekly trip to the dog park to run with his friend, Holly, the greyhound. When he gets out of the car, Bamboo can hardly contain himself. Once free, the two dogs run in great circles, excited to be off-leash and free to explore for an hour. The humans walk for about three miles, but the dogs cover at least twice that distance, sniffing, checking out all the side trails and meeting and greeting. Even when Bamboo is free, he carefully keeps track of where everyone is so the pack of four stays together.

Bamboo is almost three now, but he is a fun combination of puppy and very responsible Home Helpmate. If Kurt drops a hat or glove, Bamboo picks it up without a command. As an entertainer, he loves to prance from room to room with his bone in his mouth. When Bamboo is happy, everybody’s happy.

Kurt and Bamboo have a bond that is renewed daily by all they do for each other.