Become a Volunteer Trainer

Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer trainer for WAGS? Now is the time! We are currently recruiting new volunteer trainers.

You will learn how to care for, train, and work in public with a WAGS dog. This is a two-year commitment, where you raise and train the puppy to become a WAGS service dog.

As a volunteer trainer, you will:

  • Work with the WAGS Program Director and receive mentoring from experienced volunteer trainers
  • Learn how to teach basic to advanced service dog skills – all before the puppy is even six months old!

Your pet dogs will also benefit from new training skills!

You may also get involved in clinical therapy dog work with a WAGS dog-in-training.

Please note that due to the nature of dog training, volunteer trainers must live within 45 miles of WAGS.

Apply Today

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