Client Training

Producing successful Service Dogs is only half of the equation. In order for a team to excel, the human half of the partnership must be trained too!

All aspects of being part of a WAGS dog team are addressed. This class educates clients on the social and legal aspects of being a Service Dog user. Guidelines are given on how teams should navigate the public domain as good will ambassadors for WAGS, Inc. and the Service Dog industry as a whole. We will cover basic health, grooming and safety information. Special attention will be paid to becoming an effective dog handler and utilizing the skills of the dog. This class will include a combination of lecture and written material and hands-on practices.

The client training class is followed by specialized training in the home, work or school, and social environments of each client. This unique aspect of our program gives our clients confidence in the integration of their new partner into their everyday life, and allows for a smooth transition for the canine half of the team.