Our Program

Our mission is to promote functional independence and quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities. This is central to every aspect of WAGS, from the selection of our puppies to our client training and follow-up.

WAGS provides an unobtrusive helpmate to our clients. We select a quiet dog that isn’t too excitable so that its human partner is not constantly managing the dog’s behavior.

Our staff and volunteers know that early puppyhood education is vital to the success of these incredible helpmates.

WAGS pups are given every opportunity to become well rounded and thinking dogs. We provide our puppies with toys, games, experiences, and positive reinforcement training that helps them to develop their service dog minds.

Despite our careful selection and training, from time to time we do have a dog that, due to health or temperament, cannot be placed in any of the four WAGS dog roles.

A non-graduate dog is usually released between 1-2 years of age. They are spayed or neutered and are currently on vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting a non-graduate dog, fill out a non-graduate application.

WAGS dogs that pass their final evaluation will go on to become teammates with individuals who have requested a WAGS dog and completed our entire application process. We match one of our fully trained dogs with a qualified individual who has similar personality characteristics.

Our client services include a training class at the WAGS facility followed by specialized training in the home and environment. We will teach the entire range of dog handling skills necessary for each team to be successful.

Our services do not end there. WAGS has a comprehensive follow up program to ensure the continued success of every team.

Please read more in our most recent Annual Report:  WAGS Annual Report 2022