Prince with VictoriaPuppy Raiser / Trainer Since: 2013

Madison is a great place to be a puppy raiser.  It’s incredibly dog friendly.  Business owners and their clientele understand the importance of our training and I’ve find them to be very supportive.   So you will frequently see me and my 4-legged companion visiting restaurants, libraries, movie theaters, bookstores, grocery stores, malls and more.  If you’re considering becoming a puppy raiser, I encourage you to do so.  It is a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Why WAGS? When I was in college, I met a woman who was deaf and had a Hearing Service Dog.  I was touched by the impact he had in her life and by the strong bond they had together, they were truly partners.    I knew this was something I wanted to be involved with; I just didn’t know when, how, or what kind.   Years later, while researching the various types of service dogs, I ran across WAGS.  I was fascinated by the wide variety of skills their dogs learn.  I love that they are a local organization that follows through with their dogs throughout their lifetime, not just when they are in puppy training.  They make the happiness and health of the dog a priority and that is important to me.   And WAGS teaches us how to teach the dogs, so it’s an amazing learning experience for me as well as the puppy.

Favorite Memory? Zac adores stuffed animals!  We were at a fundraising event during the fall, and children were petting him with their gloved hands.   Zac was lying on the ground half asleep and enjoying all the affection.   Then he starts getting pet by these HUGE soft fluffy gloved hands, a noticeable size difference from all the tiny hands that were petting him previously.   So he sleepily opens his eyes and slowly scans this new person from the bottom up.  Starting at the big feet, then the big legs, and finally the gigantic furry head … it’s Bucky!!!    Zac was amazed, he looked up on utter awe and wonderment.   Then he looked at me as if to ask if he were dreaming about the World’s Largest Stuffed Animal!    The look on his face was so adorable; it is absolutely one of my favorite memories.


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